California Speech-Language-Hearing Association

Through education, advocacy and partner collaboration, the California Speech-Language-Hearing Association fosters excellence in the professions of speech-language pathology and audiology. As the most recognized and respected voice for communication sciences and disorder professions in California, CSHA provides its member community with networking opportunities, educational resources, professional development and participates in legislative and advocacy efforts.


The CSHA Annual Convention & Exhibition—the organization’s flagship event—draws 2,000-3,000 attendees and features 150 sessions over the course of four days. All event details are managed by a relatively small team of four staff members. This includes the call for papers, which, prior to working with Omnipress, consisted of a manual (and extremely time-consuming) process.


Working with a consultant, CSHA ultimately selected Omnipress as their provider of choice for an online abstract management system. At that time, they identified Omnipress’ solution to be the most comprehensive and cost-effective, providing the best overall value. They found the product to be extremely user-friendly, but also appreciated the level of support service that Omnipress provides. Since this time, CSHA has migrated to Omnipress’ newest version, CATALYST®, with great success. According to Katrina Duncan, Conference and Exhibits Manager, CATALYST is, “even more streamlined for the user, resulting in cleaner submissions.” At the same time, CSHA still receives the support from their dedicated project manager that they have grown to love. “My Omnipress project manager is really seen as an extension of our staff.”


By switching to Omnipress’ online abstract management system, the CSHA staff was able to dedicate more time to higher-value initiatives, including crafting and executing an extraordinary conference experience for attendees.

“I get the sense that it’s truly Omnipress’ culture to have that hands-on, customer-driven attention.”

Katrina Duncan Conference and Exhibits Manager, California Speech-Language-Hearing Association