Geo Institute, American Society of Civil Engineers

The American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) advances civil engineering technical specialties through professional conferences and continuing education across nine institutes that represent the major technical areas of civil engineering. The Geo Institute, one such group within ASCE, serves 11,500 members who share a common interest in understanding the engineering behavior of earth materials, using this knowledge to construct sound structures.


The Geo Institute typically hosts between two and four conferences per year that vary in size and complexity. Their abstract management solution was not able to adequately flex based on the number of submissions, which ranges between 200-800 or more. As the number of abstracts increased, it became exponentially more difficult for both staff and volunteers to manage the collection and review process.


After performing research on several systems, The ASCE Geo Institute ultimately chose CATALYST for its scalability, ease of use, and because they knew they would be fully supported by their own Omnipress project manager. Additionally, the Geo Institute decided to use the Omnipress event app because it integrated seamlessly with CATALYST, providing the ability to automatically push the session schedule and content to attendees.


With a more scalable system that is also supported by their own dedicated Omnipress team, executing a diverse group of annual events has become simpler for The Geo Institute’s volunteers. Integrating CATALYST with the event app also reduced the amount of work required by the Geo Institute. Not only did they save money over their previous app, they found it provided a better overall experience for attendees and staff.

“Not only do the products make things easier for us, we could tell what it would be like to work with Omnipress from the start: transparent, straightforward and easy.”

Brad Keelor Director, Geo Institute, American Society of Civil Engineers