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The Value of Face-to-Face Meetings

Can web conferences and other virtual meetings replace the value of face-to-face contact? A Forbes Study (Summer 2009) of more than 750 businesses provides a strong argument for the value of face-to-face meetings. It also supports my very own belief that in-person...

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Save Trees. Print More!

This is absolutely the most controversial statement that we've made all year, but it's the honest truth. Sure, we print conference books, so why believe us? You know Omnipress is about being green and providing green solutions for conference materials, so why would we...

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Conference Notebooks, Not Notepads

Remember when you were back in school and for each class you had a spiral-bound notebook? Each class had a different flavor, and you took time to doctor them up with stickers or other cool designs. Then you get a real job and your employer hands you a... you guessed...

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