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Personalizing Training Leads to Better Results

My favorite topics for these blog posts are the ones that stem from conversations with organizations on the front lines of training adults. Recently, I was speaking with Todd Macey from Vital Learning, a company with a long history of training leaders and management...

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2018 AMCI Annual Meeting Event Recap

Several members of the Omnipress team made the trek up to Vancouver recently to participate in this year’s AMCI Annual Meeting. The event was packed with interesting sessions on a number of topics, but if you had to condense it all into one word, it would be...

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Expect Exciting Updates in 2018

There’s a lot of work going on behind the scenes at Omnipress! I wanted to use this month’s post to share some of the exciting things our customers can expect from us in 2018. You can watch the video or continue reading below. The conference-related initiatives we are...

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6 Reasons You Should Print Training Manuals on Demand

When you prepare to print training manuals for your association’s continuing education courses, do you struggle with choosing the number of initial copies to print? All the historical data in the world can’t ensure that you won’t waste time, money, or paper on books...

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Content Marketing For Associations

Article Contents: Why Content Marketing Works for Associations Develop a Content Marketing Plan Create Images for Social Media Promote your Event on Social Media Discover your Audience’s Interests Make your Content Work Year-Round   Developing a plan to promote your...

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Three Benefits of Online Conference Proceedings

How often do you overhear conference attendees gush, “I never go anywhere without my giant, 10lb three-ring binder of annual conference proceedings”? Technology has given your attendees easy, quick, 24/7 access to anything they want… And it fits in their pocket, purse...

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Some New Program’s Resolutions for 2018

Every January we resolve to do things differently in the New Year. We make resolutions to get more exercise, eat more vegetables or drink less coffee. But sure enough, by the time the calendar turns to February, we settle back into our day to day routine, and our...

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Add Value to Your Event with a Lead Retrieval App

Increase the value of your event for exhibitors, sponsors and attendees—and generate some new revenue for yourself in the process. Attendify’s mobile event app—which works seamlessly with our CATALYST Abstract management system—now offers integrated lead retrieval,...

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