Monetized Convenience

Make it easy for your learners and instructors to get the materials they need through an intuitive, branded storefront

Your learners already use ecommerce sites to purchase literally everything from soup to nuts. So why not offer the same experience for their training materials, giving you and your staff fewer logistics to manage?  The Omnipress storefront integrates into your existing systems to make it as easy as possible for you to manage your orders and inventory as one seamless process, while delivering an online shopping experience your users expect.  

“Having an online store that handles both our print and digital materials and integrates into our AMS has completely lifted the administrative burden off our team. We now have the time to think strategically about our products and services.”

Tadu Yimam, Director, Online Learning
National Association of College and University Business Officers


Provide All the Answers to your Learners’ Training Needs

An Omnipress ecommerce storefront gives your learners the option to purchase digital or print versions of your training materials, all while letting you retain control of your content and revenue.

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Your Content, Your Revenue

Your money stays with your organization throughout the transaction. All collected payments go directly to your account of choice. We don’t take a cut of any purchases made.  

Branded to Your Organization

Maintain consistency between your registration site and your storefront. Our platform allows you to brand your site with your colors, logo and other brand elements. 

Provide Content in Multiple Formats

Enhance the learning experience by providing training materials in both print and digital formats. Our ecommerce platform allows participants to purchase CDs, DVDs, USBs, ePubs and PDFs, in addition to the traditional printed materials. 

Protect the Value of Your Content

Discourage or prohibit the copying, sharing and printing of your educational materials through watermarking or digital right management options. 

Works Well With Others

Your storefront can integrate with your inventory management system. Or, if you don’t have one, we can set one up for you to help you keep your library adequately stocked and prevent shortages. 

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