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We can help you take control of your inventory by giving you the tools and insights to make better, more informed decisions.

It’s not the number of titles in your library that determines if you would benefit from an inventory management system. It’s the number of problems it would solve.  Whether you’re looking for a more accurate way to plan for demand fluctuations, or want to eliminate the time your staff spends finding and counting books, we can work with you to develop a customized inventory management process that helps you deliver greater organizational efficiency.  We do more than track your orders. We can help make it easy for you to grow your training programs by making sure your instructors to have everything they need to deliver education. 

“A lot of things can be negotiated—timeline, cost—but finding people you can work with and trust is something that money can’t buy.”

Jenny Hammock, NRF Foundation


NRF Foundation

Not Just Data, Real-time Insight

Our inventory management system provides quick access to the most up-to-date information about the sales of your training materials. Use this data to anticipate future sales trends so you’ll always have the right amount of training materials available.

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Eliminate Back Orders

Keep an exact count of your inventory in real time through our online inventory management tool, which can integrate into our Storefront solution or yours. 

Set and Adjust Alert Thresholds

We work with you to set minimum threshold alerts, and then monitor those to recommend adjustments as your training programs grow. 

Make Decisions Based on Historical Data

Standard and custom reports showing historical trends help you prepare your inventory for busy seasons and reduce overhead during slower times. 

Your Own Advocate

When you work with Omnipress, you have access to a dedicated project team that is exclusively responsible for helping you access the information you need to deliver your training materials on time, every time. 

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