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American Association of School Libraries

The American Association of School Libraries relies on Omnipress to manage their call for papers and collect awards nominations.

The American Association of School Librarians (AASL) is the only national professional membership organization focused on school librarians and the school library community. AASL has more than 7,000 members and serves school librarians in the United States, Canada, and around the world.


For me, the total value is that I don't need to set up the call for proposals. I just approve and edit the work. This is a huge time-saver for me!

Melissa Jacobsen, Manager of Professional Development, AASL

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The 17th AASL National Conference & Exhibition

With an annual conference consisting of 140 sessions and 3,000 attendees, AASL relies on Omnipress to help with their collection process. Omnipress created an intuitive system that is flexible enough to handle the call for proposals, session, and poster collection, all at the same time. As a result of their positive experience, AASL turned to Omnipress again to build their awards collection site.

Working with a single vendor allows AASL to focus on their true goal of providing service to their presenters, attendees and members.


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