Your Publications, On Their Terms

We can turn your printed publications into an online library, ensuring your members can easily access materials where, when and how they choose.

Many associations today provide their publications in both an online and printed format, giving choice to an increasingly diverse member base.  Tracking, managing and updating that content in two separate places can become unwieldy, particularly if your content is updated multiple times throughout the year.  Let us streamline this process for you. We can create an online library of materials—including standards, policy books, technical manuals, and directories—that protects the value of your content while giving users a high-quality digital experience.

“Our printed policy book was too cumbersome to be useful. When we were looking for a vendor to take it online, Omnipress came to the table with a lot of ideas. They created a clean, easily-navigated site, branded to look like our home page. It’s everything I hoped for.”

Christina Fitpatrick, AARP



Provide Access Without Giving Up Control

Our online library solution delivers a first-class user experience while providing your association the tools to manage who has access to your valuable content.


Branded to Your Organization

Maintain consistent branding across both your print and digital content. Our platform allows you to brand your site with your colors, logo and other brand elements. 

Maintain Access Control

Your organization decides who sees which content—whether through subscription management, watermarking or digital rights management. We can help you choose the best option for your organization.

Give Users the Power of Choice

Our platform features responsive design, so whether your site is accessed on a desktop computer or mobile device, your content will appear correctly. 

The Most Relevant Content is Easier to Find

Metadata, filtering tools and full-text and faceted search allow users to quickly scan your entire publications library for specific topics and find what they’re looking for quickly. 

Works Well With Others

Your existing AMS or other member management software can be integrated with your website, providing easy and seamless access for members while eliminating the need for duplicate data entry by your staff. 

Insightful Data

Use Google Analytics to track user interaction with your site to make the best content decisions in the future.

Monetize Your Content

Generate additional non-dues revenue by monetizing your publications. Our platform works with your existing ecommerce system, or we can set one up for you. 

Easy-to-Use Interface

Content can be uploaded and managed easily through an administrative portal that anyone can use. 

Stay Informed

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Take a Personalized Tour

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