You Have Options

When it comes to mobile event apps, Omnipress gives you options: the Event App and the Connect App. Both apps are easy to set up with help from your Omnipress team and both include helpful features your attendees want.

Live polling
Push Notifications
Picture Viewer

Connect App

Give attendees the proper tools to engage with each other

When you want more, choose the Connect App. Attendees will love the timeline, person-to-person messaging, and live polling.

All Event App Features Included

The Connect App offers you more. All features shown above as part of the Event App are included in the Connect App.

Person-to-Person Messaging

Sometimes attendees want to connect with others without sharing too much personal information. With the Connect App, they can reach out while keeping email address and phone number private.

Live Polling

Real-time results are always compelling. Invite your attendees to participate in polling during your event and give instant results for deeper engagement!

Push Notifications

Change is inevitable; even the best events involve a room change or two. Keep your attendees informed with push notifications.

Picture Viewer

Pictures say it all! Smiley selfies of attendees and a candid shot of the best keynote speaker in years both deserve a place in your mobile app photo gallery.


Using LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter, attendees can set up profiles in the Connect App. A timeline, which looks familiar to many users, captures posts from attendees, sponsors, and the association.

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Connect CMS

Manage Attendee Engagement

Access an easy-to-use administrative panel to set up social features and manage users:

  • Push notifications for any last-minute changes to the schedule
  • Live polling gets feedback from attendees directly from your timeline
  • Social snapshot allows you to view the number of profiles, active users, posts, and more.
  • Manage inappropriate posts and comments, or even ban abusive users
*Available with the Connect App only

We Make It Easy

No need to coordinate with multiple vendors.

When you partner with Omnipress, you work with one vendor who can help you with not only your mobile app, but your event website and printed materials as well.
With Omnipress, one vendor can do it all.

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