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Extend the Life & Reach of Your Conference

Use our content management system to make all of your conference materials available through a searchable, trackable and branded content website.

Conferences compress months, or even years of research and industry insights into just a few days. Even the most dedicated attendee can only attend a fraction of the sessions offered. And the learning that is gained will only “stick” if it can be easily referenced after the conference.

Our web platform allows you to provide your members and attendees instant access to a powerful library of content from past, current and future conferences. Even the most complex program is organized into a logical structure where users can find what they’re looking for quickly, from both desktop and mobile devices. As a web-based tool, your content is also discoverable by prospective members across search engines, increasing visibility for your association. At the same time, you control access to that content, upholding its value to your attendees. 

“Since we began publishing our content online, academic input has increased dramatically.”

John Barteld, International Wire and Cable Symposium


Take a Test Drive

Click through our fully interactive example of how content appears on a site.

Start by clicking on any of the tabs below. All content is organized into categories that you designate, such as Track, Schedule, Session and Paper. From there, you’ll see examples of the types of data that can be displayed in each category. 

A single link to the first track to allow the export script to build the search page
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    Information Technology


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    •   CFO-Controller
    •   Chief Operating Officer
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    •   CFO-Controller
    •   Chief Operating Officer
    •   Information Technology
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    Full-Featured is an Understatement

    Our turnkey platform contains all of the functionality you need, yet is simple to set up so we can have your learning library up and running in no time.

    feature list

    Your Content is Easier to Find

    Metadata, filtering tools and advanced and faceted search allow users to search by session, track, author, speaker or keyword to find the most relevant information as quickly as possible. 

    Put Your Content in Front of a Wider Audience

    With online content, you have the option to expose your materials to search engines, attracting both existing and prospective members to your site.

    We’ve Always Got Your Back

    When you work with Omnipress, you get your own dedicated project team that works closely with you to set up your content site, and is just a phone call away. In fact, if you use our abstract management system to collect your content, you’re already halfway there! 

    Give Users the Power of Choice

    Our platform features responsive design, so whether your site is accessed on a desktop computer or mobile device, your content will appear correctly.

    Insightful Data

    Use Google Analytics to track your attendees’ interaction with your site to make the best program decisions in the future. 

    You Remain in Control

    Your organization gets to decide who sees which content, and how it’s protected—whether through watermarking, digital rights management or subscription.

    Easy-to-Use Interface

    Content can be uploaded and managed easily through an administrative portal that anyone can use.

    Works Well With Others

    Your existing association management and registration software can be integrated with our conference website, providing attendees with seamless access to everything they need.

    Monetize Your Content

    Generate non-dues revenue—offer non-attendees paid access to valuable conference content. Our platform works with your existing ecommerce system, or we can set one up for you. 

    Your Catalyst to a Digital Library

    If you use our CATALYST abstract management system to collect your conference materials, your final content will be uploaded to your digital library.

    Limitless Content Capabilities

    Our system can organize everything you need for a successful conference

    • Abstracts
    • Attendee List
    • Session Handouts
    • Awards
    • Papers
    • Sponsor Ads
    • Speaker Presentations
    • Biographies
    • Photos
    • Sponsor Lists
    • Podcasts
    • Posters
    • Exhibitors
    • Proceedings
    • Venue Information
    • Videos
    • Monograph
    • Program Schedules
    • Webinars
    • Maps

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