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Let our online conference materials do the work for you. Omnipress gives you the ability to manage, control, and distribute your conference content, all in one system.


Make your site stand out and leave a lasting impression with anyone that visits. Our customizable system allows you to brand your site with your colors, logo, and overall brand impact. 

Track, Schedule, Session, Paper, & Author Indexes

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Track Listings

Many attendees set goals for their time at your conference, based on their positions back at the office. When you list sessions by track, you provide a blueprint for their conference—and career—success.


Some attendees prefer to view the entire list of sessions, from which they pick and choose those that appeal to them most. This view gives them that option.


An alphabetical list is the best way to locate a specific session, and a creative way to browse sessions that may not stand out in the other, more narrowly-focused lists.


If cutting-edge research is important to an attendee, looking up a session by paper might be the right place to start; the session where the paper is presented may be under a different name.


Surely your industry has its own rock stars (and up-and-comers), and your attendees want to see their sessions. Give attendees the option to find sessions based on the person behind the paper.

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Full-Text Search

If an attendee doesn’t use the keywords you’ve assigned to a page, the results they get back could be incomplete. Unless, that is, your system uses full-text search, which combs entire documents (not just metadata) for a search term.

Faceted Search

Having plenty of quality content isn't usually considered to be a problem, but for attendees looking for quick answers, it can be. Faceted search helps them go from a general topic to just the right session. 

Responsive Design

Responsive Design

Your Conference Content, On All Their Devices

Omnipress has responsive design covered; there’s no need to worry if your content appears correctly on mobile devices. 


  • Desktops
  • Tablets
  • Mobile Phones
  • Laptops
  • More

Speaker Bios

Connect Speakers & Attendees

A good session is more than quality content—it depends on engaging delivery by a fascinating speaker. Bios give attendees insight into a speaker’s background, accolades, and experience.

Speaker Bios
Paper Display options

Paper Display

Speaker Papers Clearly Accessible

Our paper display option gives you the ability to clearly present speaker papers and presentations directly within your conference site. No more low quality versions of your speaker's great papers.

Limitless Content Capabilities

Our system can organize everything you and your attendees require for a
successful conference:

  • Abstracts
  • Attendee List
  • Session Handouts
  • Awards
  • Papers
  • Sponsor Ads
  • Speaker Presentations
  • Biographies
  • Photos
  • Sponsor Lists
  • Podcasts
  • Posters
  • Exhibitors
  • Proceedings
  • Venue Information
  • Videos
  • Monograph
  • Program Schedules
  • Webinars
  • Maps
  • Need greater flexibility? Contact us.


Your Tools


Your existing association management and registration software can be used in conjunction with our conference website, providing attendees with seamless access to everything they need.


Generate non-dues revenue—offer non-attendees paid access to valuable conference content. Our conference website supports eCommerce as just another way we can help your conference grow.

Admin Access

Our system is simple for you and your team to use; content can be uploaded and managed easily, whether or not the admin has programming experience.

Google Analytics

Track your attendees’ interaction with your site to make the best marketing decisions in the future. Knowing how people are using your site can help you make it even more valuable.

Subscription Management

Offer annual or lifetime subscriptions to your association’s online content and increase non-dues revenue for your organization year after year.

Access Control

Your organization gets to decide who sees which content. Whatever level of control you choose, we can make it happen with our system quickly and easily.

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