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There’s more to abstract management than collection and review. That’s why we designed CATALYST™ to make every step of building and managing your conference programs more efficient: Track the progress of all submissions and reviews, manage individual and group communications, build your conference program, and even create a digital content library for sharing your final materials online.

CATALYST™ eliminates the need for additional, third-party tools and reduces the amount of manual work on your plate.

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The Data You Need, Just a Click Away

While your Omnipress project team is setting up your collection site, they will also work with you to build your library of reports—providing immediate access to the data that is most important to you. Track submission status, monitor scoring data and measure follow up efforts with ease. 

Communication is a Cinch

When planning an educational conference, communication is key. With CATALYST™, you can create and re-use custom email templates to reach out to targeted sub-groups of reviewers and submitters featuring personalized messages. 

Drag and Drop Scheduling

Your abstract management system already contains all of the final program content, so it only makes sense to use this to build your program schedule. Arrange your accepted submissions into sessions, dates, times and rooms, using our conflict detection feature to easily manage the logistics of your conference. 

Share the Workload

The responsibility of tracking and managing submissions and reviews does not have to fall solely on you. With CATALYST™, you can create sub-management roles such as Track, Review or Program Chair, providing administrative rights only to the corresponding areas of the system

Extend the Life of Your Content

CATALYSTTM helps you make the most of your conference materials by creating a digital content library from your final materials. Increase the ROI on your content by providing an online, searchable site that’s available before, during and after your event.

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