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You create the process, we make it easy to follow

The first step in generating high-quality conference content is having access to industry thought-leaders and game-changers that are willing and eager to participate. Your abstract management system should make it as easy as possible to complete submissions according to your criteria, regardless of how tech-savvy your users are.   CATALYST™ features an extremely intuitive design, making it easy for submitters to understand and follow the submission process, with minimal instruction. 



Your Collection Process, Not Ours

No two collections are the same, so why should you be required to use “canned” forms that don’t match the criteria of your conference? Our configurable system allows you to customize all forms so you can collect exactly what you need, the way you need it. 

Empower Your Submitters

With role-based dashboards, your submitters will have immediate access to the information that is most important to them, including the ability to track the progress and status of their submissions at-a-glance and see all pending notifications.

More than Abstracts

CATALYST™ can be used to collect final papers, final presentations, speaker materials, posters, copyright releases, A/ V requirements, award nominations, grant proposals and more, in nearly all file types.

We’ve Always Got Your Back

When you work with Omnipress, you get your own dedicated project team that works closely with you to set up your collection site, and is just a phone call away. Our tool is also integrated with Zendesk®, the leading customer help tool in the world, to facilitate even faster support. 

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